Review: Outlast Whistleblower [Rely on Horror]

Outlast: Whistleblower is absolutely gruesome; it’s the most violent game I’ve ever played.

I have no other way to begin this review, because that was my very first thought upon completing the expansion to an already shocking madhouse of a game. Envelopes have been pushed (to lengths I’m sure people will consider too far), and I’m honestly surprised this released without any objections. Whistleblower blows the original game out of the water in its attempts to make animated gore scary once again, and I’m both appalled and impressed.

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ESCAPE: Extended Edition | February 14th Update

I said some words and I feel self conscious about my performance, but that’s OK. Check it out!

A Certain Blogging Tobiichi

Hello everyone, hope you checked out the Valentine’s Day trailer for ESCAPE: Extended Edition above, it reveals the voice of Robert’s husband Lucas, played by CJ Melendez, as he tries to get in touch with Robert who has disappeared.

I thought I would give you guys a few new details on the upcoming version of the game, what it will contain and things like that.

  • New Story Content
    The original ESCAPE was divided into two chapters; The Bedroom and The Basement. In ESCAPE: Extended Edition we have rearranged some stuff in those two chapters and added three new chapters. These new chapters let you explore new rooms and find out new information about what is going on. You will also learn about and possibly interact with new characters.
  • New Voice Acting
    Zack Furniss returns as Robert Fairs, providing new lines for the new content. CJ Melendez stars as…

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