The Late E3 Post

It may be a little late to talk about E3 2014 (which happened to be my first after years of waiting to go – sqeee!), but it just occured to me that pointing at my E3 coverage on my blog makes a lot of sense. Aside from setting up our entire schedule ( + filming and editing), I also happened to appear on camera for a few things as well as writing a hands-on preview of Alien: Isolation.

Below I have included my impressions of Dying Light andĀ Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed, and then a guided demo of H1Z1 where I ask questions as it’s played. There’s also a video recap of the entire show between me and Zack. We filmed that on my last day in LA, and if you listen closely you might hear me being out of breath due to asthma that was aggravated by allergies. I also wish I put an upbeat tune to that video, but oh well – live and learn!

I look forward to next year’s show and hope double the amount of content we put out!


A mention for my Honorable Mentions

Hi there! I just did a small thing on It was an Honorable Mention in Horror article for The Stanley Parable. This marks the third one that I’ve done on RoH. On my old site, HellDescent, I even did one for Call of Duty Black Ops’ Zombie mode. Perhaps, I may have done others, but it’s been far too long to remember them.

If you’re wondering what an Honorable Mention in Horror is, it’s a series that examines non-horror games for scary themes and elements. I’m very proud of today’s entry on The Stanley Parable, but I think I’m most proud of my Honorable Mention in Horror for Touch My Katamari; I delve deep on that one! Check them all out below, and tell me how deep-and-stuff I am.

The Stanley Parable

Touch My Katamari


Face Time

With this blog being somewhat a webfolio for my blossoming talents, I thought I should share all of the times that I was on camera doing video game coverage. At college, I did two segments of a video game show called Press Start (not an original name, I know), and eventually some PAX East coverage. Both required me to not only write content but appear on video working off of what I had written.

I consider myself a somewhat shy person until I’m comfortable with people and friendly, so talking on camera was something very scary and new to me. But–assuming friends weren’t just being nice–I think I did an OK job with my on-camera appearances at school and at PAX East 2013.

Below I have included Youtube embeds for each video that I’ve been in and worked on.

Freckle Bitch’s

For the last few weeks I have been playing Saints Row IV. If you haven’t already read it, my review is up on Boss Dungeon (you should comment and show it some love).

I was really excited to be given review code access so early from release. For starters, I got to play this game in a series that I really enjoy weeks ahead of time. Secondly, Deep Silver is really good at providing early copies, so I was able to spend some quality time with the game prior to embargo lift–it’s always nice of publishers to consider given reviewers early access to games for review (assuming they’re not worried about negative feedback).

Konami would provide review copies at earliest two days before release, but mostly later than that. If I remember correctly, my copy of NeverDead arrived a few days after launch (not that anyone was rushing out the door to buy that).

Either way, having a gaming PC really helps out with reviews now! Previews too. I don’t have to wait on shipping or severely limited quantities. I guess Steam codes are easier to order up on the publisher side?

Speaking of switching to PC gaming, perhaps my next little-blog should be centered around that somehow. I’ve already written a small piece for my internship (LINK), on why I switched. But with all of the pros aside, I miss buying and stacking physical copies. That oh so nerdy and precious new-game-smell. Ahh. Yeah, I might write about that next.

How’s a bathtub pic with me covered in video games sound? Don’t worry, I’ve been going to the gym. I’m less pudgy. It’ll be hot.

Rely on CJ



This is the first blog post on my new personal / professional blog. I’m making this blog to create a site that represents who I am and what kind of skills I have.

I will be posting my latest written work and my personal musings/observations on things in the video game industry. This blog will hopefully be another step in establishing myself as a professional that wants to work in the games industry in a capacity that allows me to be creative and expressive.

If you’re reading this, you may know me as the owner and former Editor in Chief of I worked really hard on maintaining that site and I’m still extremely proud of what we accomplished there.

For the last two years I have been the Managing Editor on I do a lot of what I did on, but with a larger audience.

I’m a 22 year old guy that lives in New York City and I will soon graduate with a Communication Arts degree from NYIT. While this blog will ideally represent what skills I posses, don’t expect it to be stiff and boring. I enjoy having fun. I have a silly sense of humor (as seen by my Persona 4 image above) and to hide that would be dishonest.

I’m not too familiar with how to customize a personal blog, so I may need some help. First up is the name. I’m not really sure what to call this blog. So, if you have any ideas, please place them in the comments below (I hope this has comments…). Once that has been decided I’ll probably register the domain address and make this blog extra-official.

While I figure out how to include my LinkedIn profile, my Tweets, and my editorial stuff in the sidebar, I’ll include those things below!

Rely On Horror