The Late E3 Post

It may be a little late to talk about E3 2014 (which happened to be my first after years of waiting to go – sqeee!), but it just occured to me that pointing at my E3 coverage on my blog makes a lot of sense. Aside from setting up our entire schedule ( + filming and editing), I also happened to appear on camera for a few things as well as writing a hands-on preview of Alien: Isolation.

Below I have included my impressions of Dying Light andĀ Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed, and then a guided demo of H1Z1 where I ask questions as it’s played. There’s also a video recap of the entire show between me and Zack. We filmed that on my last day in LA, and if you listen closely you might hear me being out of breath due to asthma that was aggravated by allergies. I also wish I put an upbeat tune to that video, but oh well – live and learn!

I look forward to next year’s show and hope double the amount of content we put out!