Three’s Company

Let me catch my breath…phew, OK. I’m alright. I just did three reviews back-to-back and I’m a bit winded (writing and playing wise). But the desire to jump into something new is already here, although I’m not sure what that will be focused on just yet.

Anyway, I’ve published three reviews as of late. I revisited Castlevania: Lords of Shadow with the PC Ultimate Edition release; Killer is Dead and its questionable game content; and lastly, Outlast. If you haven’t already been to RoH, check all three of them out and give me an internet high five.

Some people disliked my Killer is Dead review, but that’s fine. One persona was even compelled to get the game despite my score. Power to him or her if they end up liking the game beyond its decent combat and pretty visuals. I on the other hand didn’t get what I had hoped from it. It was a pretty dumb game that tried too hard to be cool and edgy. But Outlast, oh man–what a great experience that was. Definitely check that out as soon as you can. I might just stream it this weekend for some fun.

I’m looking forward to discussing all three reviews on this week’s Whispers’ podcast. Stay tuned!


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