Face Time

With this blog being somewhat a webfolio for my blossoming talents, I thought I should share all of the times that I was on camera doing video game coverage. At college, I did two segments of a video game show called Press Start (not an original name, I know), and eventually some PAX East coverage. Both required me to not only write content but appear on video working off of what I had written.

I consider myself a somewhat shy person until I’m comfortable with people and friendly, so talking on camera was something very scary and new to me. But–assuming friends weren’t just being nice–I think I did an OK job with my on-camera appearances at school and at PAX East 2013.

Below I have included Youtube embeds for each video that I’ve been in and worked on.


2 thoughts on “Face Time

  1. I remember being very impressed and still am by your PAX coverage. You say you’re shy but that didn’t really come across during the videos. I hope to see you do more soon.

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